08.10.2012  Closed Beta Survey

We want to invite all of you to participate in our official closed beta survey! With the help of this survey we want to collect as much feedback as possible. Also you have the chance to give us your individual feedback again and send suggestions to us.

You can start the survey here:

We want to thank everyone for the participation!

25.09.2012  Changelog for the maintenance on September 24

The following changes were made to the game with today's server maintenance:


• Function for skipping the tutorial
• Difficulty level for missions is indicated in levels.
• Military attacks and story missions are now called so in the regions, too.
• New matchmaking window
• Unlearned skills have a rank of 0 in the display.
• Notifications concerning the purchasing of items are highlighted.
• The repairing of individual modules directly in the equipment window is now possible


• Various texts have been reworked and corrected.
• Further translations for the English language version have been added.

Bug fixes

• The lock symbol in the ship overview has been removed.
• All enemies now spawn in all corresponding missions so that they can be properly completed.
• Required skills are displayed in ships' tool tips.
• The changes of individual values after software installation/-deinstallation are highlighted in differing colors in the item tool tips in the Constructor.
• Debriefing in story missions is now available.
• Voice outputs no longer undercut in story missions.
• Correct skill levels are displayed when asked if you want to learn a skill.
• Looting functions with the "L" key just 10km away from the container.
• Descriptions of the starter packages are once again available.
• Tool tips for items in the station storage now show all important information again.
• The starter package selection now appears at the end of the tutorial for the Genide.
• Markings on the star map that show PvP battles no longer displace themselves.Rocket launchers now show a theoretical approximate value for range (depending on the relevant ship speed and speed of the current target the real range can indeed vary).
• The clan column on the leaderboards will now be filled.
• Faulty values for individual skills have been corrected.
• Text boxes for creating a clan have been properly arranged again.
• In addition, further small faults in the game have been corrected.

We wish you lots of fun with this version and look forward to your feedback!

The BPT: NC team

21.09.2012  Maintenance on September 24

On Monday, 24th September 2012, there will be another maintenance on the game servers of Black Prophecy Tactics: Nexus Conflict.

Therefore the servers won't be available on Monday, 12th of September, between 11:00 am and 3:30 pm (CET).

All the changes can be found in the official forum on Monday, where we will also inform you once the game servers are back online again.

The BPT: Nexus Conflict Team.

19.09.2012  More Energy For The Constructor

To make it possible to test all of the functions of the constructor we've created a voucher which gives you four energy items with 200 energy points on each item. 

The code of this voucher is: BPTNEXUSENERGY

You can use this voucher one time for each game account.
To activate this voucher, just log in to the game account system at In the list of your games on "My gamigo" you will find the option "Redeem a voucher".

The items will be transferred to the game and you can find them in your premium inventory. Just right click on an item and "Use" it. The amount of your existing energy points will be raise.

17.09.2012  Changes for PvP regarding matches

Today's patch adjusted the possible match sizes, so that overall more matches should occur. Additional to 5 vs 5 it is now possible that 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, and 4 vs 4 are matched, too. Currently we are testing different match sizes to fine the ideal settings. We are looking forward to your active participation in PvP!

10.09.2012  Patch notes regarding the content update of 10th September, 2012

With today's maintenance on the game servers of Black Prophecy Tactics: Nexus Conflict there will be a few changes to the content of the game which we don't want to keep back.


With today's update we introduce to you a new launcher which will carry out the update process of the client. This launcher will show you the current news from our website and also useful links to the FAQ and other service features.


The tutorial has once again been slightly reworked. You will now be accompanied by an audio output which explains how the game works. 

Starter packet

At the end of the tutorial you will be asked by the system with which starter packet you wish to begin in Nexus. With this choice the according ship, weapons, modules, and applicable skills will be transferred into your inventory. You can use the ship by opening the context menu with a right-click in the storage and then selecting "Use". After this the ship will be available in your ship list.


The mechanics of the constructor have also been reworked. In the future energy will be needed to use the constructor. 


It is now possible to form a clan and invite other players into your clan. As clan leader you now have the opportunity to promote and demote other members. The level of a clan member determines the functions that are available to him/her. There is also a separate channel in the game for clan chat. The clan tag, which you have to choose when you create a clan, will be displayed in your character's name in every battle.


The leaderboards are rankings which are updated on a frequent basis. In these rankings you will find the statistics for other players as well as your own performance in the universe.

Graphical improvements

There have also been a few improvements in the look of the game with the new version. You can now access the graphic options and optimize the model details from the login screen.

Quickstart button

The quickstart button allows you to jump straight into a region that is under attack. This should assist in speeding up the creation and starting of PvP battles. As soon as you activate the button you will join the preparation for the battle and then you will only have to wait for the match to begin.

Stations in missions

There are two ways of winning a PvP skirmish: You can either destroy all enemy ships or destroy the enemy station.
Effective immediately, you can make it your mission to destroy the enemy station or defend your own station.

Story missions

A story has been developed for both factions which will lead you through various missions in the game. When you successfully complete such a mission the following story mission will be made available. A variety of scenarios can be the current goal in these missions.

Military attacks and Secret Service reports

Secret Service reports can be obtained in the game and combined in the constructor. The orders from those can be used to gain access to special missions. The difficulty level of these missions is adjusted to the player groups. However, some pretty valuable items can be obtained in these missions. 

Mission result

After the completion of every mission you will be shown an overview of the statistics of the completed mission. Here you can see, for example, what damage you dealt to other ships and how many credits and XP you received for the mission.

Station storage and the black market 

In the station storage you can now purchase all the fundamental versions of items and ships. In addition, you will be able to find the black market there in the future. The black market updates its selection every 24 hours and contains stronger and more valuable items which you cannot normally purchase in the station storage.

Player trading

You'll be able to trade with other players to get better equipment, for example, or fill your war account. A trade can only take place between players of the same faction.

Bug fixes

In the course of time a large number of in-game bugs, which were found by all of you, have been fixed and others are still in the process of being fixed.

Due to the various alterations and changes to the game content it was vital to reset all accounts. We apologize for any inconvenience and, at the same time, hope you have a lot of fun with the new version of Black Prophecy Tactics: Nexus Conflict.

The BPT: NC team

07.09.2012  Maintenance on September 10

The time has come! The big content update of BPT: Nexus Conflict is ready to be released on the closed beta servers. 

Therefore the servers won't be available on Monday, 12th of September, between 11:00 am and 6:00 pm (CET).

All the changes can be found in the official forum on Monday, where we will also inform you once the game servers are back online again.

The BPT: Nexus Conflict Team.

06.09.2012  Comming Soon: "LeaderBoards"

The "LeaderBoards" are completely new in the game. They will show you some rankings and statistics about your own missions and the missions of other users. This rankings will be automatically updated in regular periods of time.

You will get the following information about other users from this "LeaderBoards":

• Name of the user
• Clan of the user
• Faction of the user
• Destroyed corvettes
• Destroyed cruisers
• Destroyed carriers

Your own statistics will contain the following things:

• Name of the user
• Clan of the user
• Rank of the user
• Played missions
• Overall destroyed objects
• Destroyed corvettes
• Destroyed cruisers
• Destroyed carriers
• Damage done
• Damage received
• Heeling
• Station Damage

We will provide a screenshot of the new "LeaderBoards" for you within the next days.

04.09.2012  New Preview

Today we want to share one more screenshot of the new content of Black Prophecy Tactics: Nexus Conflict with you!

With the help of this new spaceship you are going as a Genide through the tutorial of the game to learn the most important functions.

17.08.2012  Two more screenshots from the new content

After we've shown you the first screenshots from the next content update of BPT: Nexus Conflict we've decided to show you two more screenshots where you can see hot it looks like when you attack an enemies space station successfully.